QZ Forms

The code is data

QZ Forms exists because I thought creating a data entry form on a website was way more difficult than it needs to be. Not that it is hard for someone with months of experience using some mega-complex framework, but too hard for someone whose technical skill is something other than the mega-complex framework.

To use QZ Forms, you enter SQL statements into a web form, fill in some forms to describe how the data is to be managed, and there is your application. It can be called a form generator. It also can be thought of as a command interpeter that gets its commands from PostgreSQL instead of the more common text files.

It is a fastcgi application. It uses PostgreSQL.

QZ Forms is:

QZ Forms is released under a liberal 2 clause BSD license. http://qzforms.com/license.html

The source is http://qzforms.com/release/qzforms-0.128.tgz SHA1 4f302e73addcc156ccf83ce0d5964fe395c243e8 or on github at https://github.com/johnkaiser/qzforms
Released April 7, 2019

The author can be contacted by sending a note to jk at this domain.